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Mastercoach offers Best Digital Marketing courses in India. Boost your career with a digital marketing course you can take online at your pace, place and space by industry experts.

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Master quintessential Digital Marketing skills including SEO, SEM, Social Media and Content Marketing, Branding, and Marketing Analytics

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Transition into executive roles in digital marketing through a comprehensive curriculum

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Mastercoach Certification separates you from the crowd.

Mastercoach provide you with certification which helps you maintain your resume. When you are certified from an institution it helps you land jobs and internships better at any of your preffered companies.

Mastercoach helps you find a job at your dream company as they help you with the internship as well as placement process. Finding a job becomes easier when you have a certification that tells company about your skill, it acts a agreat recommendation letter which helps you create the future you want.

While acquiring the knowledge and lessons you require for you studies you are also growing your career, Mastercoach provides you with certifications which helps you grow your career and also your future. So don’t wait up enroll now!

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Mastercoach offers Best Digital Marketing courses in India. Boost your career with a digital marketing course you can take online at your pace, place and space by industry experts.

What skills will you gain?

live projects to get hands-on experience

We provide you hands-on experience on live projects where you learn and experience the corporate working expereince .

Learn advance digital marketing tools

Learn advance digital marketing tools and enhance your knowledge beyond a basic digital marketers.

Learn under industry experts

Learn advance digital marketing course from the top industry experts online.

Successful Case-studies

Learn successful case-studies to get better implementation of digital marketing in real-life.

About the program

Transform into an expert digital marketer and become industry-ready by mastering the latest tools on top domains like SEO, social media, digital analytics, conversion optimization and more. Build and execute successful campaigns for real-life industry projects sponsored by top companies. Fast track your digital marketing journey with guaranteed opportunities by our placement cell.

Certifications and Personal Branding

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Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to Structure of WordPress
  • What is WordPress?
  • Management and Customization of WordPress
  • Management and Customization of Plugins
  • WordPress Setting
  • SQL General Setting
  • Writing Setting
  • Reading Setting
  • Discussion Setting
  • Media Setting
  • Permalink Setting
  • Plugin Setting
  • Add Category , Edit category , Delete Category
  • Blog Post Setting
  • What are Pages ? Setting of pages.
  • What are Tags? Importance of Tags
  • Comment Setting
  • Introduction of Appearance setting- Theme, management ,customize theme, widget Management & background
  • Advanced Database Management
  • Advanced Role Management
  • Starting With Static Website
  • Starting With E-Commerce Website
  • Starting With Business Directories , Dynamic Website , Classified Website , Job Portals
  • What are Payment Gateways & Integration of Payment Gateway
  • How to Create Mobile Application
  • Concept of Child Theme & Demo Theme
  • Assignment
  • What is Seo
  • What are Keywords?
  • Content Optimization for Search Engine
  • HTML Optimization
  • OFF Page Optimization
  • Assignment
  • What is Local Seo?
  • Google’s Local ‘Snack Pack’ Vs Organic Results
  • Local Keywords Research
  • Brainstorm Your Sil’s
  • Google My Business , Bing Places and Apply Map Listings
  • Local Citations(NAP)
  • On-Page Seo For Local Search
  • Link Building ( for Local Sites)
  • Ongoing Activities
  • Assignment
  • Ad Campaign
  • Doing On-Page Seo on WordPress & HTML Website
  • Learning Snippets , Breadcrumbs , Content Correction etc
  • Doing OFF-Page Seo of Particular Niche
  • Doing Local Seo
  • Doing Google News Seo
  • Doing Video Seo
  • Assignment
  • Introduction to Inbound Marketing
  • Understanding Content Marketing
  • Generating Content Ideas For Business
  • Effective Content Writing
  • Content Promotion
  • Assignment
  • What is Blogging ?
  • Benefits of Blogging
  • Types of Blogging
  • Different Platforms for Blogging
  • How to Make your Blog Interactive
  • How to market Your Blog
  • 5 Must Have in Your Blog
  • What Not to do While Blogging
  • How to Evaluate a Blog
  • Options to Make Money from Your Blog
  • Assignment
  • Introduction to Webinar Tools
  • Adding a Website
  • Search Appearance
  • Search Traffic
  • Google Index& Bing Index
  • Crawl
  • Website Seo Audit
  • Penalty Analysis & Link Outreach
  • Important Seo Updates
  • Assignment
  • Graphic Design Fundamentals
  • Definition
  • Elements of graphic Designs
  • Principles of graphic Designs
  • Easy Tools for Graphic Designs
  • Assignment
  • Introduction to Canva
  • Animated Social Media
  • Presentation
  • Poster
  • Blog Banner
  • Instagram Post
  • Trifold Brochure
  • Email Header
  • Etsy Shop Cover
  • Certificate
  • Social Media
  • Facebook Cover
  • Flyer
  • Facebook Post
  • Twitter Post
  • Pinterest Post
  • Tumblr Graphic
  • Letter Head
  • Magazine Cover
  • Info-graphic
  • Logo
  • YoutubeThumnail
  • Youtube Channel Art
  • Twitter Header
  • Twitch Banner
  • Invitation
  • Facebook Ad
  • Wide Skycrapper Ad
  • Large Rectangle Ad
  • LeaderBoard Ad
  • Instagram Story
  • Facebook story
  • Event Ticket
  • Assignment
  • Introduction
  • The welcome Screen
  • The Interface
  • Getting Started with Coreldraw
  • Workspace
  • The ToolBox
  • Understanding Color
  • Working With Objects
  • Working With Fonts
  • Working With Bitmaps
  • Part 2:- Exploring the Curves
  • Node Editing Enchancements
  • Image to Vector
  • More Text Editing
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Assignments
  • Introduction
  • Basics
  • Layers
  • Drawing
  • Transformations
  • Selections
  • Masking
  • Smart Objects
  • Adjustment Layers
  • Retouching
  • Bridge and camera Raw
  • Type
  • Save and Export
  • Workflow
  • New features in CC 2018
  • New Features in CC 2019
  • Assignment
  • Course Introduction
  • Introduction to Advanced Email Marketing
  • Write Better Subject Lines
  • Develop Emails that Drive Results
  • Optimize Your Email Content
  • List Management Strategies
  • Automating Your Emails
  • Create Optimal Landing page
  • Create an Email Campaign Checklist
  • GDPR for Digital Marketers
  • Assignment
  • Set Business Objectives
  • Entice Prospects
  • Converts Prospects to Qualified Leads
  • Transform leads to Custome
  • Create a Positive Purchases Experience
  • Exceed Customer Expectations
  • Create Loyal Advocates
  • Measure and Optimize
  • Assignment
  • Identifying Your leads and Defining Your Sales Funnel
  • Developing Your Lead Generation Strategy
  • Generation Leads With Inbound Marketing
  • Target Your Approach With Outbound Marketing
  • Measuring and Testing Your Lead Generation Programs
  • Assignment
  • Introduction to Social Media
  • Starting with the Basics – Beginners
  • Your Social Media Strategy
  • Getting Started With the social Networks
  • The social Media Audit
  • History of Social Media
  • Social Media Content Marketing
  • Facebook- What you need to know
  • Twitter- What you need to Know
  • Social Media Automation
  • Assignment
  • Introduction
  • Marketing on Social Media
  • Before It Ends
  • Assignment
  • Introduction to Online Advertising
  • PPC Advertising Networks
  • CPV/PPC Advertising Networks
  • Mutil Channel, Media buys and Displays Advertising
  • Social Media Advertising Platforms and Mobile advertising Networks
  • In-Text Advertising and Re- Marketing
  • Assignment
  • What is Google Ads
  • Where do Google Ads Shows up ?
  • Creating and setting up our First Google Ads Account
  • Structuring Your Ad Group like a professional
  • How to Write Killer Ads In Google Ads!
  • Setting up Your Adwords Billing
  • Keywords in Depth- The Heartbeat of Your Account
  • Account Structure- How to Structure Ads Group like a pro
  • The Incredible Dynamics of the Adwords Action
  • Expanding and Refining Your Campaign
  • Negative Keywords- Your Greatest Ally
  • Making Your Ads Unstoppable with Multiple Ad Extensions
  • Re-marketing – Your Secret Weapon to Converting like a Boss
  • Keeping Track of Profits with Conversion Tracking
  • Profitable Bidding Strategies
  • Using Adwords Scripts to Enhance Performance and Increase Optimization Speed
  • Assignment
  • Introduction to facebook Marketing
  • Facebook Page
  • Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Types of Facebook Ads – In Depth Analysis
  • Facebook Engagement
  • Facebook Reporting & Insights
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Business Manager + How to start a Facebook Ad Agency ( Business)
  • Assignment
  • Course Introduction
  • Difference Between Quora & Reddit
  • Exercise :- Finding the Perfect Customer
  • Advertising On Quora
  • Advertising on Reddit
  • Assignment
  • Learn about the Twitter Network and Build Your Twitter Ads Infrastructure
  • Hands on Training : Lets Launch Twitter Advertisement Together
  • Let’s Build Your Re-targeting and Campaign Analytics Skills
  • Assignment
  • Welcome to LinkedIn
  • Developing a Strategic Plan for LinkedIn Success
  • Developing Your Profile to attract Maximum attention
  • Understanding and Using the search functions with Filters, Operators and Hashtag
  • How to We Articles and Posts to Yourself as An Expect
  • Building Your Professionals Network
  • Setting Up and managing Company pages , Showcase Pages And using the Slide-share
  • Assignment
  • Welcome
  • LinkedIn Basic Understanding
  • Marketing and Ads Campaigns on LinkedIn
  • Assignment
  • Introduction
  • Setting Up Your Account
  • Planning Your Content Strategy
  • Laying the Groundwork
  • Creating Your First Batch of Content
  • Posting
  • Setting Successful Habits
  • Growth #1 Shoutouts
  • Growth #2 Bots
  • How to Make Money on Instagram
  • Growing and Automating Content Production
  • Using Stories to grow
  • Instagram Ads
  • Instagram Live
  • Zombies
  • Automated Outreach
  • Competitors
  • Assignments
  • Introduction
  • Getting Your Website Indexed
  • Registering For Bing Ads
  • Creating Your First Ad Campaign
  • Math Behind a Successful Campaign
  • Creating Small Ad Groups for reviews
  • Setting up Conversion Trackers
  • Getting Really Creative with your Keywords
  • Refining Your PPC campaigns
  • Assignment
  • What are Network Ads
  • Channels of Network Ads
  • Creating Network Ads
  • Benefits & Drawbacks of Network Ads
  • Assignment
  • Introduction
  • Optimization Research
  • Setting Up Test Ideas and Hypotheses
  • Prioritize
  • Setting up an A/b Test
  • Testing
  • Analyze the Test
  • Reporting & Documentation
  • Finalize the Test
  • Assignment
  • Toggle Content
  • What is Adsense
  • Domain Name
  • Selecting Your Niche
  • Viral Content Style
  • How to Split Your Content in Multiple Pages
  • Monetize Your Traffic With Google Adsense
  • Monetize Your Traffic Native Ads
  • Content Ad Placement
  • Track Your Progress
  • Assignment
  • What is Google Analytics
  • Google Analytics Admin Section
  • Using Google Analytics Reports
  • Audience Report walk-through
  • Report Walk-through
  • Acquisition Report Walk-through
  • Behavior Report Walk-through
  • Custom Report Walk-through
  • Wrap Up
  • Assignment
  • Campaign Tracking in Google Analytics
  • Tools for Deeper Analysis
  • Beyond Basic Tracking
  • More Tools
  • Assignment
  • Origin Of Growth Hacking
  • What is Growth Hacking
  • Who is Growth Hacking
  • Benefits of Growth Hacker
  • What Growth Hacking Funnel ?
  • 5 Stages of Growth Funnel
  • A/B Testing & Case Studies
  • Growth Hacking Tools
  • Assignment
  • Why to Create Videos
  • Different Types of Videos
  • Essential Elements of Videos
  • How to Promote Videos
  • The 10 Types of Videos that can help you Grow your Business & How to Make them
  • Assignment
  • Filmora- A complete guide to Filmora
  • Adobe Premiere CC – Complete Guide to Video Editing
  • Assignment
  • Introduction
  • Step One – Plan Your Video
  • Step Two- Developing Your Scenes
  • Step Three- Animating the Scenes
  • Building The Video
  • Assignment
  • Introduction
  • Adwords- Instream Ads
  • Adwords – Creating Re-targeting List Based On Instream Ads
  • Adwords – Bumper Ads
  • FB- Creating Video Ads
  • Analysis Video Ads Report
  • Video Ads Case Study
  • Introduction to Google Display Network
  • Google Display Planner Tool
  • Launching Display Campaign
  • Optimize for Better Display Performance – Google Best Practices
  • Assignment
  • Understanding Re-marketing & Installing the Re-marketing Tag for Network On Website
  • Creating Different Types of Re-Marketing With Adwords
  • Launching Display and Video Marketing Campaigns
  • Search Re-Marketing Ads(RLSA)
  • Facebook Re-marketing Ads
  • Assignment
  • Online Media Targeting Options
  • Managing Ad buying Campaign
  • Assignment
  • What is Quora
  • Why Quora as a Marketing Channel
  • Setting up Your Quora Profile
  • Using Questions & Answers To build Brand
  • How to get Leads from Quora
  • Quora Analytics
  • Assignments
  • Introduction to Mobile Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing & Advertising
  • The Mobile Landscape
  • Whatsapp/Sms Marketing
  • Assignment
  • Planning & Design
  • Introduction
  • Introduction to Shopify/Ali Express Drop-shipping
  • Introduction to Amazon/Ebay Drop-shipping
  • Introduction to Paytm Drop-shipping
  • Building Out Your Shopify Store
  • Adding Products from Ali-Express
  • Understanding Your Target Audience
  • Now its get Exciting time to build a real Business
  • Driving Traffic to Your Store
  • Re-targeting
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Adding Credibility
  • House-keeping
  • Building A niche Store-towards a 50k+year business
  • Assignment
  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Getting Started With Amazon Affiliate Network
  • Different Channels of Affiliate Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing With WordPress
  • Affiliate Marketing through Email Marketing
  • Calculating Profit
  • Assignment
  • What are Shopping Ads
  • Google Merchant Center
  • Creating An Account
  • Started With Stopping Ads
  • Conversion Ratio
  • Overview- Different Options to Generate Money Online
  • How to Search your Niche
  • Start With Your First Client
  • Assignment
  • How to Improve Your Personal Skill Profile
  • Key Services We Can offer to clients
  • Understanding Different Types of Clients
  • How to find Project Online
  • Few Sample Proposals
  • Approaching Client to Grab Project
  • Reporting
  • Amazon Selling Center
  • Flipkart Selling Center
  • paytm Selling Center
  • Paytm Selling Center
  • Assignment
  • Careers Option in Digital Marketing
  • Step Approach For Job Preparation
  • Be ready
  • Interview Practice

Apply Today for the course & Get 25% Discount

Mastercoach offers Best Digital Marketing courses in India. Boost your career with a digital marketing course you can take online at your pace, place and space by industry experts.

Placement assistance

With qualified opportunities from the best organizations in the world, upGrad Campus makes sure your skills get the spotlight they deserve.

Live Coaching

50+ Hours of Recorded Content

Designed for Beginners

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Why Choose Mastercoach Campus

Career Guidance

Live Classes

Tops Tools and platforms

Online campaigns & bootcamps

15+ international certifications

40 case studies & live projects

Why Choose Mastercoach Campus

Career Guidance

Live Classes

Online campaigns & bootcamps

Tops Tools and platforms

15+ international certifications

40 case studies & live projects

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are many reasons why our Advanced Digital marketing online course is one of the best options out there, some of them being:

A- Instead of focusing on just one narrow topic, it covers everything that you need to know about digital marketing in depth.

B- The curriculum is very well designed and curated by our experts which have an experience history of more than 10 years in this industry.

C- Even though it is an advanced course, it can be taken up by anyone be it a beginner or a working professional. The course material is easy to understand and apply.

D- Our extensive team of experts enables us to designate a highly qualified mentor for each student, hence personalising the learning experience as much as possible.

E- Adding to the top-class training program, we reward you with 15+ certificates by Mastercoach, Facebook, Google and Hubspot.

F- In order to bring you the best education possible, we have various new age tools that we incorporate in our program, like live projects and campaigns, case studies and more.

G- Finally, an important key to success is tapping the right opportunities. To help with that, we have a dedicated team to help with 100% placement assistance.

The eligibility criteria for this online digital marketing course is very basic. Anyone with a Bachelor’s degree qualification can enroll for this course with us. There is no other degree, certification or work experience required for application.

Given that our syllabus is so intricately crafted to teach you everything there is to know about digital marketing, it covers a lot of topics extensively. To name a few,

  1. It starts off with an introduction to digital marketing and search engine optimization which form the backbone of online marketing.
  2. It moves on to other topics like website creation, WordPress, lead generation, graphic design, online advertising (including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Quora, Reddit, YouTube, etc to drive traffic and increase sales), web analytics and email and content marketing.
  3. To finish it off, we have various topics like Digital marketing interview preparation and business growth strategic management.

Click to download our full syllabus:

Given the shocking rate at which everything (including marketing) is moving online, it’s a wise decision to have a digital marketing course under your belt. The field has attractive scope for professional growth and a lot of benefits which make it one of the most competitive industries of 2020 and the coming years.

One of the best advantages you have with our Advanced Digital Marketing course is that you don’t need to be well-versed in this field or have any prerequisite knowledge before joining. The curriculum is designed in such a way that anyone with a Bachelor’s degree can take it up and complete it successfully.

    1. Apart from the usual program, we offer four specializations as part of the course. These are:

      • Search Engine Optimization
      • Email marketing and advertising
      • Social media and content writing
      • LinkedIn

We have over 45 case studies and live projects co-designed with industry experts and digital marketing leaders. These help in providing a hands-on experience to supplement all the theoretical knowledge that’s part of the course syllabus.

We have partnered with a lot of esteemed organizations to provide you with 15+ digital marketing certifications upon completion of this online course. These are:

  • Google ad-word certification
  • Google analytics certification
  • Search Engine optimization certification
  • Social media optimization certification
  • Email marketing certification
  • Google display certification
  • Content and inbound marketing certification
  • Google ad-sense certification
  • Google shopping ads certification
  • Photoshop and info graphic certification
  • Facebook marketing certification
  • Brand marketing certification
  • Content marketing certification
  • Advance WordPress certification
  • Advanced Digital marketing certification

The course is typically for 16 weeks, but can be completed according to your convenience. The online lecture tutorials can be taken anytime anywhere, on your phone or laptop/computer. Also, upon enrolling you’re eligible to have lifetime access to the content and resources.

Yes, it is a 100% online based course. The online lecture tutorials can be taken anytime anywhere, on your phone or laptop/computer.

This program has been developed by understanding the hiring challenges and skill gaps faced in the Digital Marketing Industry in India. Apart from the exciting internship opportunities filtered by us, we also also pride ourselves in having 100% placement assistance for our students. We send a detailed performance report of our students to our group of industry partners. Based on that, they assess the most suitable candidates and extend job opportunities to them.

The fee varies for the course according to the specifics you are looking for. You can contact us via our contact form or call us on  +91-7380406988 to discuss the details with our team.

With the 0% EMI offer, you can pay for the course in installments, with no extra charge. Once you fill out the application form for the course, the admissions counselor will get in touch with you and help you with the course details. The counselor will also guide you with the EMI options available.