5 Best Graphics Designing Courses and Institutes in Nashik – 2022 Edition

Are you looking for Best Graphic Designing Course in Nashik? Well, don’t worry we have got that covered for you. We have managed to list down the the 5 Best Graphic Designing Course and Institute in Nashik along with their course duration, fee’s structure, course curriculum, courses duration, contact information, and more.
So, let’s dive right into it.

Let’s look at the 5 Best Graphic Designing Courses and Institutes in Nashik:

Master coach– Best Graphic Designing Course in Nashik.

MasterCoach is one of the leading Graphic Designing institutes. MasterCoach strives for excellence and takes every necessary step to help students master the courses. The mastercoach isn’t some regular institute we make learning interesting and fun, the current situation of the country isn’t getting better but that doesn’t mean that the time is going to stop students have a career they have to look forward to and its crystal clear that it can be achieved only by making the right choices, like opportunities given by Master coach for online classes in graphic Designing .

MasterCoach is with you with every step you take and providing their best services towards the online training so they don’t miss out on anything, if you want to be the best you have to study at the best.
The master coach has a great background, their students have been working with, VISA, IBM, Adobe, Amazon web services, Flipkart, Ola, Instamojo. MasterCoach takes every important step to make sure students are getting what they need, we provide services whenever a student has a doubt or query and make sure it is resolved as soon as possible. We encourage students to take part in activities and practical knowledge where they learn through their way.

Mastercoach provides internships to the students with 100% placement support, and online base camps for networking. Students will be provided with specialized certifications after the completion of their online graphic Design course which ensures that you have completed your course and now specialize in Graphic Designing which would help you land jobs and internships at your preferred companies and organizations.

Course Overview

The Ultimate Online Graphic Design Course Which Covers Photoshop, Corel Draw, Illustrator with Design Theory, Branding, Logo Design, and Digital Illustration.

Corel Draw

Corel Draw Overview: This Advance Corel Draw course will include an understanding of tools, manipulating tools, and application of tools in different artwork. You will learn to design, social media posts, infographics, posters, digital illustration, logo designing, and much more.

Courses Offered

  • Introduction to Corel Draw
  • Introduction to Tools of Corel Draw
  • Social Media Post on Corel Draw
  • Infographics on Corel Draw
  • Typography on Corel Draw
  • Logo Design on Corel Draw
  • Visiting Card Design on Corel Draw
  • Image Manipulation on Corel Draw
  • Cartoon on Corel Draw
  • Digital Illustrations on Corel Draw

Adobe Illustrator

Overview: This Advance Adobe Illustrator course will include an understanding of tools, manipulating tools, and application of tools in different artwork. You will learn to design, social media posts, infographics, posters, digital illustration, logo designing, prints, and patterns. You will also learn to make caricatures and realistic portrait making and movies posters etc

Courses offered

  • Introduction to Adobe Illustrator
  • Introduction to Tools of Adobe Illustrator
  • Social Media Post on Adobe Illustrator
  • Infographics on Adobe Illustrator
  • Typography on Adobe Illustrator
  • Logo Design on Adobe Illustrator
  • Comics and Story Creating on Adobe Illustrator
  • Prints / Patterns Design on Adobe Illustrator
  • Symmetrical Drawing on Adobe Illustrator
  • Caricature on Adobe Illustrator
  • Digital Illustrations on Adobe Illustrator
  • Digital Portraits on Adobe Illustrator
  • Movie Poster / Book Covers Designing on Adobe Illustrator


Overview: This Advance Adobe Photoshop course will include an understanding of tools, manipulating tools, and application of tools in different artwork. You will learn to design and manipulate images and create a masterpiece. You will also learn Image editing, image manipulation, and digital paintings on Photoshop, etc.

Courses offered

  • Introduction to Adobe Photoshop
  • Introduction to Tools of Adobe Photoshop
  • Social Media Post on Adobe Photoshop
  • GIFs and Animation on Adobe Photoshop
  • Image Editing on Adobe Photoshop
  • Photo Collage on Adobe Photoshop
  • Photo Montage on Adobe Photoshop
  • Portrait Image Editing on Adobe Photoshop
  • Glowing Objects on Adobe Photoshop
  • Digital Portraits on Adobe Photoshop
  • Movie Poster / Book Covers Designing on Adobe Photoshop
  • Final Assignment / Freelancing Work

Course Duration

Mastercoach provides you with 3 months Graphic Designing Course online along with recorded lectures and live sessions. Our program specializes in basic to advanced graphic design courses, our faculty of teachers provides online classes in graphic Designing and are always available if you need them

Our Objective

Our course objective is specially designed for those who are looking for an online graphic design course. We have professional trainers training our students and making learning interesting. Mastercoach provides the best graphic design course online.

Placement Drive

MasterCoach offers graphic designing course in Nashik with placements as we know how important is a placement for our graphic designing students. This is why we start the process from the early stages where students are comfortable and have an idea of which company they want to work for.
We have classes, sessions, and seminars that are directed towards this goal where the ultimate goal is to help our students land a great placement opportunity. Our prime focus is to build and train you in a way where you become a Graphic designer when you have completed the online graphic Design course.
Mastercoach provides you placement training which helps you further with your career along with 100% assured internships which you would work with along with your graphic designing course.

Here’s where our alumni work at:

Contact details:

Phone: +91 70540-58888

Website: https://mastercoach.in/

Email: info@mastercoach.in

ZICA– Graphic Designing institute in Nashik.

The Zee Institute of Creative Art (ZICA) is India’s premier comprehensive Classical and Digital Animation Training Center, teaching students both traditional 2D and current 3D animation techniques. The institution has produced several of the most talented animators in the world over the last seventeen years. The institution has taken a unique approach to train, focusing only on providing a lively atmosphere for its pupils. ZICA promotes each student’s innate artistic and aesthetic abilities rather than just the program, which is updated regularly.

Courses offered

  • Design & Illustration concept
  • Design & Illustration concept
  • Computer Graphics
  • Matte paint
  • Color the illustrations
  • Design – Logo, Magazine cover, Advertisement
  • Printing techniques
  • Page layout for newspaper
  • Creating brochure design
  • Printing techniques
  • Digital Layout Design
  • Page formatting with image and layout
  • Understanding printing technology

Courses duration and fees

ZICA has landed the 2nd position in our list, they provide their Graphic Design training in Nashik for 6 months. To enquire further you can contact.

TREEMITI-Graphic Designing institute in Nashik.

Treemiti Informatics was established to develop talented individuals in a variety of disciplines. The institution focuses on the students’ entire development to become self-assured individuals with appropriate job skills. The institute offers highly trained and experienced faculty members who assist students throughout their studies at the institute and beyond. They consider that witnessing information seems to be the only way to learn them and that acquiring them fast necessitates expert supervision with the greatest technological abilities. We stay on top of innovations because of our constant R&D, which allows us to develop job-oriented courses that follow industry trends. They also offer their students work possibilities.

Courses offered

  • Adobe photoshop
  • Adobe illustrator
  • Adobe Indesign
  • Corel draw

Courses duration and fees

TREEMITI has landed the 3rd position in our list, they provide the Graphic Design Course in Nashik for 6 months as well as for 12 months. To enquire further you can contact.

Marketing Studio-Graphic Designing institute in Nashik.

Because Digital Marketing Studio specializes in improvement, they place a premium on innovative learning approaches that are often applicable. They are a renowned and finest institution for digital marketing training, web design training, android app development training and Graphic Design training in Nashik, with 1000+ great achievements and a 100% employment record. They have an extensive training program to help learners and business professionals achieve their career goals. They developed the curriculum to meet the needs of students to prepare them for sectors in which they may conveniently get employment in their desired firms and enterprises. 

Courses offered

  • Adobe illustrator
  • Adobe illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe photoshop
  • Corel draw

Course duration and fees

Marketing studio has landed the 4th position in our list that provides Graphic Design Course in Nashik. to enquire further you can contact.

NAC -Graphic Designing institute in Nashik.

NAC is also known as Nashik Art City, Mr. Dipak Pund, is currently the CEO of NAC, it has over 14 years of expertise in the field of animation. For developing, designing, attaining, and establishing oneself, both novices and pros can discover the ideal answer. NAC has been operating for students for over a decade and is now developing artistic pupils. For full-length feature animation films, high-quality visual enhancements for live view and hybrid movies, short-form media, and unique venue events, we generate material and produce state-of-the-art visual imagery.

Courses offered

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  •  Adobe In Design
  •  Coral Draw
  •  Adobe Flash (Basic)
  •  Adobe Premiere (Basic)

Course duration and fees

They provide their Graphic Design training in Nashik for 6 months; they have landed 5th position in our list. To know further details you can contact.


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