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What does UX designers actually do?

What is UX design?

Before learning about UX designers, let’s first find out about what is the meaning of UX design. UX design’s prime focus includes humans as users and different products and services like apps, websites, and more. It’s a much-shifted discipline, joining parts of brain science, business, statistical surveying, plan, and innovation.

UX is not a brand new term it has been there since the early nineties, in fact, it was introduced by Donald Norman when he was a scientist for Apple. Donald Norman was keen on all parts of a client’s involvement in an item or administration, including modern plans, designs, the interface, and actual cooperation. To envelop the entirety of the various components that decide how a client feels while associating with an item, he thought of the expression “client experience”.

From the time people know about UX design it has been related to business; those products which are beneficial and provide great quality can be the only part of the market. There has been an increased demand for UX designers and we all know the market always grows better and evolves which has made UX designers more important in the market. The great insistence of UX designers is directly related to the salary of UX designers and the employment market for UX designers. 

UX designers

UX design in process

Let’s imagine you are shopping for a dress online. You go to the category for ‘dresses’ but there are thousands of different styles and colors. Now the problem is that you will extensively have to scroll all the way to the category to find what you like and what matches your choice. Then, at last, you are at the end and pt them to your cart and you are set to buy those dresses but you are a new client so you will have to create an account, but bummer there are like 10 blanks to fill and now you are tired from all the work before so you just dump this site and look somewhere else.

This is known as an unsatisfied user experience. UX on the other hand isn’t related to websites, any sort of item or administration you come into contact with summons a specific kind of involvement. Is it simple to utilize? Does it empower you to do your ideal jobs with least exertion? Is it coherent and productive? These are on the whole markers of a positive or negative client experience. 

Presently we’ve set up what UX configuration is we should get back to our unique inquiry: What does a UX originator really do?

What does a UX designer do?

If you are here to understand how a UX designer works then you should know what they do on regular days. What kinds of assignments do they undertake? What place do they have in their company? And what do they actually do?

The job of a UX designer is to make products and technology easy to use, without any hardships, and handy for humans. UX designers work as the bigger part of the team, and will often find themselves bridging the gap between the user, the development team, and key business stakeholders.

If you are a UX designer your job is to provide what your customer needs. It can be either designing a product, making a new product, or changing something in an existing product or the procedure, the UX designer should understand what would make it easy for the user and make a great experience for the user. You have to be positive that you are fulfilling all the needs expected from you.

Your assignments might change as you start to work on different projects and when you shift from one place to another, and it may come with many changes like your team can change and your priorities as well. As a UX designer you will have to design websites, apps, what’s more, programming, or in any event, planning for voice, AR, and VR gadgets! Some UX planners center on administration plans instead of substantial items, like planning the general insight of utilizing public vehicles or remaining in an inn. There are various titles under the job titles of UX designer.

If you are a UX designer then depending on your position and the place in your company may vary as well. There are numerous fields to work on like research, business analysis, project management, testing, and more. There is a wide range of positions working as a UX designer and some of them are:

  1. Leading client research 
  2. Making client personas 
  3. Deciding the data design of an advanced item 
  4. Planning client streams and wireframes 
  5. Making models 
  6. Leading client testing

It might be useful information that UX designers are not in charge of the visible design of the product. Actually, they center on the excursion that the client takes and how the item is organized to work with this excursion. In the following segment, we’ll investigate the UX configuration cycle and a portion of the key undertakings that a UX planner will perform.

Tasks of a UX designer

As a UX creator, you’ll go through each progression in the UX configuration cycle to ensure that all items are planned in light of the client. Let’s see some of the tasks you go through while working as a UX designer.

  1. Conducting user research: These undertakings empower the UX fashioner to pinpoint the center highlights required for the Minimum Viable Product (as such, the principal emphasis of an item that you’ll deliver) and to begin making some underlying client personas.
  2. Personas and information architecture: after you are done with user research, user will follow onto make user personas. And this is where you find out what each persona needs and why?
  3. User flows and wireframes: UX designers utilize a scope of instruments to outline the client’s excursion through an item, including client flows and wireframes. Client flows are fundamental flowcharts which picture the total way a client takes when utilizing an item, from passage point directly through to the last communication.
  4. User testing: when you have completed the map layout then the UX designer moves onto prototypes and then have some user tests. A prototype is nothing but a narrowed version of the product. This helps you take a rain check of your product before they are done and developed.
  5. Visual design: there is a separate position for UX designers who are working with visual design it comes under the UI design. The color schemes, typography and icons which give the product imagery and all of this are done by a UI designer.

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