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How to Increase Likes and Subscribers on YouTube

How do you know that your YouTube channel is increasingly growing day by day? How to Increase Likes and Subscribers on YouTube?

Well to measure that you will have to see how many subscribers and likes you have on your videos and channel, YouTube is a very big social media platform and has very tough competition nowadays. Everyone has a YouTube channel where they are  

endorsing their own creativity and in a place like this to survive and make a place for is very challenging.  

To get on the top you will require a great amount of connectivity where people view your page where they like, comment, share and subscribe to your page this is how you will earn popularity. 

Not everyone has the patience to lead a youtube channel and create content every now and then to build subscribers or increase their likes, some of them choose the easy way out and buys subscribers online, this a huge mistake on their part because those people are not real, they are not your potential viewers.  

Work hard and build your subscribers through true coverage and content, be true to yourself, and then you can have true subscribers who actually watch your content.  Here are some ways to increase your likes and subscribers on YouTube. 

How to Increase Likes and Subscribers on YouTube

How to Increase Likes and Subscribers on YouTube
How to Increase Likes and Subscribers on YouTube

Why should I subscribe to your channel? 

Well, you need to answer this question for sure, so why do you think people should like your subscription to your channel? Well, it’s not necessary for everyone to like your content, I know it a little too harsh but still, do you think you have something special than the other 500 videos which are being uploaded every minute? 

Go to your channel look at your creations re-evaluate your work and then clean up all your mess which you think isn’t necessary on your channel you will find a lot of videos that have been poorly produced, videos with just not the right script, videos which were flop you need to get rid of those videos. How to Increase Likes and Subscribers on YouTube.

  1. Create and Post Only the Most Watchable Content 

If you really want subscribers you will have to stand out of the crowd and make a  place for yourself. There are numbers of channels creating content what different are you doing which will attract the viewers to actually watch your content and subscribe to your channel.  

Do your research learn about your topic look at some of the videos of your competitor to get an idea, don’t copy write down the important key points and work on them and make the video in a way that has exclusive points or news. Make sure you have a  proper to script to follow so that you don’t miss out on anything; script makes it easy for you to convey your message, so make sure to prepare a script. 

2. Execute Top-Notch Channel Trailers 

Channel trailers are a feature of YouTube where marketers look to grow their subscription under this a short trailer automatically pops up on your YouTube channel. How to Increase Likes and Subscribers on YouTube.

This gives you a great opportunity to build up your subscription but this is possible only if you create amazing content. These trailers are supposed to be short for about  30-60 seconds and they have to be captivating and you have to give them a reason to watch it. 

3. Videos have to be short and simple  

You have to understand the fact that you are making a YouTube video, not a film.  People won’t even open your video if you have a video 30-60 minutes long, because on  YouTube viewers are mostly looking for answers for their questions or trying to engage themselves so they don’t die out of boredom you think a 30-60 minute video is going to help them?  

The first 20 seconds of your video has to be beyond appealing and unique every time for them to stay, it has been found by HubSpot that the ideal length of a YouTube video should be 2 minutes, sweet and simple. How to Increase Likes and Subscribers on YouTube.

4. Turn a Set of Videos into a Series 

Do you have a set of videos with the same them which you can club and make a series out of it? 

Yes? Good now go and make a series out of it, this will help your viewers to automatically watch all the videos one by one and they won’t have to search them manually. This will keep the viewers longer on your channel and will assure them that you have great content, and this will help you organize your channel and won’t be a  mess. 

5. Invest in YouTube Advertising 

How will you promote your channel if you don’t invest in it now, if you want to grow your subscribers you will have to put some budget into it. The internet is a place with a huge amount of people and money always has a way out, so if you invest now it helps you further for gaining more subscribers. How to Increase Likes and Subscribers on YouTube.

6. Optimize Your YouTube Channel for Search 

The most important thing for your YouTube channel is to optimize it to so that it ranks on the top of the search engine results, to achieve this make sure to align your videos with the main keywords, and don’t forget to use the keywords in your video title, don’t keep your title too long, maybe 50 characters max. 

7. Engage with your Videos  

The best way to boost up your subscribers is to engage with them on a regular basis,  try to respond to your comments this shows that you actually care about the fact that people comment on your videos, you can have Q & A sessions with your audience where you can ask them to ask you questions. It’s natural to get negative comments on your video you can deal with them but in a proper manner. 

8. Collaborate with other Creators 

Collaborating can immediately boost your video marketing, you could have an event with the person you are collaborating with and make it interesting by performing some tasks, remember whenever you are subscribing encourage people to subscribe to your channel and like your videos. 

So are you ready to work hard and right to gain subscribers? Then go on and do it, I  wish you all the luck. 

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