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How to Create Best Landing Page for the Sales Funnel

How to Create Best Landing Page for the Sales Funnel? People are always confused between landing page and funnel they think they are the  same things. They are two marketing tools which have distinctive features between  them, both funnels and landing pages are essential for creating leads, but both of them  have different functions on the grounds of sales. 

A landing page is a web page that is specially designed to endorse traffic which is conveyed by online advertising, which also includes social media and E-marketing.  For example, you are scrolling through Instagram and you find a post about a product that has caught your attention, and then you further click on that post, the post will  

land you to a page where it gives you all the information about the product, through that landing page will get the important information they want and that will increase their advertisement and will help them make a potential customer. 

A sales funnel on the other hand is a CTA call to action it’s a web page that directly leads you to the ultimate sales decision, every page in a funnel is a chance to sell their services. In simple words, this is a journey of a customer for buying a product or service through this model. The AIDA model consists of awareness, interest, desire, and action.

In simple words the consumer is already aware of the product which is available in the market, the consumer has a keen interest in the product he wants to buy, desire refers to the choice of the consumer for instance the brand he prefers to buy the product from, and at last action in which he finally buys the product he wants. 

How to Create Best Landing Page for the Sales Funnel

  1. Create top- capturing landing pages for more funnel  conversions 

It’s easy to create landing pages for your consumers at any part of your funnel. If you tend to enhance a personalize those for the consumers your funnel rate will grow higher because a good landing page helps people through the funnel more easily. It’s important for your landing page to be on the top of any other webpage and always operate under the Google analytics tool so that you know about the pages which are converting highest. How to Create Best Landing Page for the Sales Funnel

2. Optimizing landing pages for a funnel 

If you are creating a funnel the very first place you start from is the top of your funnel. 

The top of your funnel is all about the website traffic you generate, the main aim of optimizing your funnel is so that your page arrives at the top for anyone who is searching for the relevant website, you always have to provide a demo or the correct tools so that the consumer clicks on your web page. And for all of this you need to have a top leading page to start with. 

You can have your homepage as your top landing page because a homepage is the most suitable page to strike the people at the top of your funnel. 

The homepage is the most leading element for generating a lead but uses “Kissmetrics”  which is specially designed for collecting emails. 

If you want your conversion rates to go up keep changing your homepage because that makes the rate grow. 

3. Optimizing landing pages for the center of the funnel 

When the consumers reach the center of your funnel conversions they are mainly looking for more information about your product, the main source of a great landing page is the product page. For example, you can create a top leading page by adding some basic and important elements like the social proof element it will help the consumer to understand and believe the product more, the most important CTA button  (call to action) which will straightaway lead you to the main page of information, a  list of elements, and ‘how to’ messages. 

Once again always use analytics and testing tools to choose and enhance your mid-level funnel landings for more funnel conversions. How to Create Best Landing Page for the Sales Funnel

If you want to make some changes to your CTA’s, UX, and images you can always take A/B tests which are particularly very helpful. And always remember you have to test one feature at a time, or else it will be very tough for you to figure out that which feature helped you increase or decrease your funnel rates.

You can also design landing pages that particularly are present on the top or middle of the funnels, design your main body in a way that grabs the attention of the consumers. 

4. Optimizing for the end of the funnel 

The end of the funnel page is mostly the pricing page, at the end of the landing page, the information is mostly towards the middle of the bottom of your funnel. 

The end funnel of your landing page is not just about providing the information about  the product it’s about selling the product to the potential customer, How to Create Best Landing Page for the Sales Funnel 

And again you should use tools to enhance your pricing landing page so that your funnel conversion rate can grow, design the end funnel in a manner that is easy for the consumer to buy the product, present your pricing in a way that instantly catches the attention of the viewer, How to Create Best Landing Page for the Sales Funnel? how to layout the page in a systematic way, always keep making changes to your page so that you can reach the sales success you imagine for. 

The main feature of having a commercially successful sales funnel is a landing page that converts, and that is the first thing you should be thinking about building. You will need many landing pages that should attract buyers. 

Always keep this mind that it might look like a lot of work right now but it is going to help you further, you won’t have to give a lot of time and energy when you are building a sales funnel, if you are an enthusiast it won’t matter the amount of time you put but it will matter the amount of handwork you put in. 

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